The brave men and women of our military sacrifice tremendously for the freedoms and prosperity all Americans enjoy. DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is committed to keeping our promises to veterans by ensuring they have access to employment opportunities, benefits, and care they earned. DAV's services are free to veterans of all generations and their families.

News for Veterans

National Employment Program

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Do you need claims help?

Professionally trained DAV advocates, all of whom are service-connected veterans, can help you get the benefits you earned in service. No veteran should have to go it alone.

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Volunteer for Veterans

Making it easier than ever to support those who've served and their families. Promote and find opportunities to make a difference here.

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Advocate for Veterans

DAV advocates for better federal veterans programs, benefits, health care and transition services for the men and women who served, their families and survivors.

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Join DAV

Become a part of a larger team and mission once again.

"DAV and RecruitMilitary complement each other, as we both have unique core competencies,” said Chris Newsome, U.S. Army Veteran and SVP of DoD Programs at RecruitMilitary. Through career fairs, the RecruitMilitary job board, and additional resources, this partnership fights to ensure veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned and are empowered to lead productive, dignified, and high-quality lives that their service has made possible.